Codes à taper sur ton clavier pendant que tu joues à Wolfenstein 3D:

ledoux --> Mode invincible, donne toutes les armes, balles a l'infini et les clefs.

iddqd --> Mode invincible.

seger --> Donne toutes les clefs.

burger --> Toutes les armes et munitions.

groan --> SÈlection d'un tableau.

appleiigs --> Les secrets apparaissent sur la carte.

wowzers --> Donne le maximum de balles pour toutes les armes.

mccall --> Transporte au prochain tableau.

xuscnielppa --> Rend invincible et donne des balles a l'infini.

 PC Codes

Level Select at Start-up

When starting the game, use the command line parameter "-tedlevel ##" where ## is replaced with the level number. The level number is a two digit number with the tens digit representing the episode minus one and the ones digit representing the level number minus one. For example, for Episode 1: Level 3 you would use 02 as the level number; for Episode 5: Level 1 you would use 40 as the number. Here is what the command line should look like for Episode 4: Level 5:

wolf3d.exe -tedlevel 34

Difficulty Select at Start-up

When starting the game, use one of the command line parameters "-baby", "-easy", "-normal", or "-hard" to chose a difficulty level. It would look like this:

wolf3d.exe -hard

Infinite Lives at Start-up

When starting the game, use both of the above command line parameters to start with infinite live. So, if you wanted to start at the begining on the hardest dificulty with infinite lives, the command line would be:

wolf3d.exe -hard -tedlevel 00

In-game Cheats

To use these, you have to start the game with the "-goobers" command line parameter:

wolf3d.exe -goobers


Then while playing the game, press [LeftShift+Alt+Backspace] to enable the cheats. Now you can just press one of the following key-combinations to activate the corresponding cheat.

Code Effect

TAB+B Changes border color (16 colors to chose from)

TAB+C Displays number of items, doors, and actors

TAB+E Skips ahead a level

TAB+F Displays Coordinates

TAB+G Toggles god mode (invinsibility)

TAB+H Lose 16 Health (4 on easiest level)

TAB+I Free Items -gives ammo and the next gun

TAB+M Displays memory usage

TAB+P Pauses the game

TAB+Q Exits the game

TAB+S Toggles slow motion - only enemies move slower

TAB+T View graphics and play sounds

TAB+V Adds vertical-blank interrupts to speed up the game on slower machines

TAB+W Level Select

TAB+X Extra Stuff - not sure what this does


Other Cheats

These two cheats don't require the use of an command line parameters - just press them while playing.


Code Effect

I+L+M Full health and ammo plus both keys and all the guns

T+A+B A message from ID